Cedar Bergamot Candle (Corporate Gifts)


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      Order 1 Sample: $30 + $10 Custom Engraving 

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      Order 25: Save $325 (10% OFF + FREE Custom Engraving)

      Order 50: Save $725 (15% OFF + FREE Custom Engraving) 

      **NOTE - For custom engraving, place message in notes section at checkout, and leave a valid email for design confirmation.**

      Candles without custom engraving will ship with Sabbath-Day Woods logo on candle cork.

      The crackling sounds of the cherry wooden with the light dancing through the feathered wax. The pleasant scents of cedar and citrus make the perfect blend for fresh warmth. Enjoy one in your home or give a meaningful gift to someone.

      This all-natural candle is made from sustainable feathered palm wax to give a mesmerizing glow. With a wooden wick and essential oils, this premier candle adds enjoyment and relaxation to any moment.

      Reusable minimalist black glass container with natural cork to keep the essential oil scents fresh.

      FRAGRANCE: Cedar and bergamot blend together to create a citrus smell with the perfect amount of warm wood. 

      CRAFTSMANSHIP: Hand poured in North Carolina by our small team. 

      DIMENSIONS: 3" H x 3" W x 3"D

      MATERIALS: Palm Wax*, Wooden Wick, Essential Oils

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