Two for Tea & Pastry Gift Box Set


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      Designed and studio crafted for anyone who loves a great cup of tea and one to share. This set includes:

      1) Two 14 oz. Stoneware mugs

      2) Two Urban Coffee/Tea & Pastry Boards [Crafted from certified sustainable Appalachian cherry & walnut woods with an all natural food safe finish. And a recessed hole for the added security for your coffee/tea mug. 

      4) Your choice of one exceptional small batch teas. Choose one Asheville Tea Company 20 pyramid mesh tea bags:  a) ASHEVILLE GREY [Crafted from black tea, Calendula flower, bergamot oil]  b) LEMON GINGER YAUPON [ Crafted from North Americas only natural caffeinated tea {low caffeine}, lemon balm, lemongrass, ginger root, lemon peel]  c) WINTER WONDERLAND [Crafted from white peony tea {lower caffeine}, fraser fir, birch bark, peppermint, yarrow flower, wintergreen] or d) HIBISCUS MOJITO {Caffeine free herb tea} [Crafted from; hibiscus, lime & lemon basil, peppermint, mojito mint}

      All these items are crafted in North Carolina using the finest sustainable product.

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