Urban Bread Board with Dipping Bowl and premium California olive oil


Color of Dipping Bowl
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      This is a gift that will be cherished and make sure that you are appreciated for years. For anyone who enjoys the great bread and premium olive oil. Modern functional design...truly a Meaningful Gift.

      1) Sabbath-Day Woods studio crafted cherry & walnut (certified sustainably sourced) Bread Board with Stoneware Dipping Bowl. Board is finished with our hand-rubbed Danish oil all natural flax seed oil with beeswax. Two color options for your bowl.

      2) From Wild Groves in northern California we have selected a premier dipping olive oil for this set. Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil; "The California Chardonnay of the Olive Oil Industry" 
      Flavor & Aroma - Fruity, fresh, ripe olive with rich red apple, buttery almond and green artichoke.
      Growing Region: Northern California (Sacramento Valley)
      Harvest Date: November 2020 by mechanical harvesting
      Polyphenol (antioxidant) count: 278  gallic eq mg/kg
      Free Fatty Acid (FFA): 0.27  % oleic
      Peroxide Value (PV): 4.09  meq O2/Kg


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