Can I return or exchange my item?


We offer free returns on all products in original condition within 30 days of purchase. Proof of purchase required.


How do I change the time or battery in my Sabbath-Day Woods clock?

In many of our larger clocks (i.e. the Prairie Deluxe Mantel Clock), there is a removable back panel affixed with magnets. Our smaller clocks have a small black plastic cover over the battery compartment. Simply remove the panel or cover to access the clockworks inside. The battery and time wheel should be readily visible.

Can I buy replacement clock motors?

From cats to kids, accidents happen and clockworks can get broken or just wear out. We do sell the clock motors separately for your convenience. The mechanisms all come with replacement instructions.

For clocks without pendulums:

For clocks with pendulums:

What if my clock mechanism isn't shown?

Our older clocks used a different clockwork insert. If you have one of our discontinued clocks you can purchase a replacement mechanism directly from the clockworks manufacturer:

My clock is not functioning properly. What do I do?

Here are a few trouble-shooting tips. More often than not, any issues can be remedied fairly easily.
First, try a new battery. It doesn't happen often, but sometimes you will come across a bad one. Also make sure the clock switch is pushed completely to the on position. If it is not pushed all the way up, it may have issues.
Next, check the clock hands. Sometimes the hands get bumped and bent slightly. It can be barely noticeable, but if they touch at any point in their rotation this could cause the clock to slow or even stop. Turn the dial to rotate the hands completely around to check for the points of contact. If they are touching, gently bend them back into position (with the clock turned off.) 
It is also possible that the hands are loose. The second hand is simply pressure fitted and can be pulled straight off. The minute hand is secured by a small nut, and the hour hand is also just pressed into place. Removing the hands and replacing them can make sure that they are snug. On the minute hand, the nut can be finger tightened and then if possible tightened a quarter turn with needle-nose pliers. If you need to do this, it is important to make sure that all the hands are pointed at 12 when you replace them to ensure the clock keeps proper time. 
What is the policy on repairs?
If you have purchased your clock less than a year ago, the mechanism is covered under our warranty. If you have tried our troubleshooting steps without success, contact us with your proof of purchase, and we will send you a new mechanism free of charge. If you would like us to replace it for you, simply ship the clock (or bring it by if you are local) and we will replace it for free.
If you have had your clock over a year, you may purchase a replacement from one of the following links.

For clocks without pendulums:

For clocks with pendulums:

If you would like us to replace it for you, you must ship the clock to us and purchase the appropriate motor "with repair" through one of the links above. If this is case, you may reach out to us directly and we will walk you through the process. 
What type of finish is used on Sabbath-Day Woods serving and cutting boards?
All Sabbath-Day Woods serving, cutting, and sushi boards are finished with an all natural hand rubbed finish consisting of polymerized linseed oil and bees wax. No harmful chemicals are used.
How do I clean my board?
When washing your board, it is important to never submerge in water. Instead gently wipe it down with a wet cloth and mild soap, then rinse and dry your board right away. 
How can I refresh my board and keep it looking like new?
Over time and repeated washing, boards can dry out. To keep your board looking beautiful for years to come we recommend using Beesoil to refresh it as needed. It is handcrafted of all-natural specially processed linseed seed oil, beeswax and essential lemon oil. 

If you have a question not listed on this page, don't hesitate to contact us.