Sabbath-Day Woods is a surprisingly small, family-owned woodworking business located in Asheville, North Carolina.


We're proud of the values that our growing business is built on. 



Desmond is a second-generation woodworker with decades of woodworking skill and artistry, proudly creating the highest quality wood products for the home. Each piece is designed to be used and enjoyed today, and tomorrow, and onward by future generations. Each wood product is hand-rubbed with our exclusive lemon Beesoil. This food-safe oil seeps into the wood grain for a more durable and smoother finish.


You’ll find Sabbath-Day Woods clocks, cutting/serving boards, lamps, and candles in more than 250 galleries across the United States, including the Biltmore House in Asheville, North Carolina (just a few miles down the road from our shop and studio in Canton, North Carolina).


Every Sabbath-Day Woods wooden piece and candle is made by Desmond and the team. We’ve recently added kitchen linens and stoneware to our collection, and these are handmade by other artist friends of ours.


We live and work in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains just west of Asheville, North Carolina, and we source our materials, right down to the clock works, in the United States. #shoplocal


Our materials are sustainably sourced. Yes, that includes the palm wax for our candles, with RSPO certified sourcing. We sustainably source because of a deep love for our forests, mountains, animals, and community, and the delicate ecological infrastructure holding everything together. Sustainability is honoring to the God we serve, and means the world to us (literally!).


We are Sabbath-keeping Christians, in love with the God who first loved us, seeking to live in and share with others His beautiful kindness and grace.


Desmond Suarez, designer and owner of Sabbath-Day Woods, is a second-generation woodworker who grew up creating sawdust with his father, a furniture maker. After spending over 35 years as a professional furniture designer and maker,  Desmond transitioned his business, Sabbath-Day Woods, into  fine functional home artwork.

Devin Suarez, Desmond’s youngest son, was a very important part of helping grow and improve Sabbath-Day Woods. He is now off to other adventures in life.

Desmond Suarez II, Desmond’s oldest son, is a high school teacher full time, but helps out on the IT side of Sabbath-Day Woods, keeping the website and other apps and software running smoothly. 


To learn more about Sabbath-Day Woods, stop by our shop at 722 Freedom Drive, Canton, NC 28716, call us at 828-235-9444, drop us a note here, or check out some of our favorite pieces below:

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